The 2019 harvest yield figures are shown below. The actual cost per pound for produce grown and distributed will be published as soon as they’re available.
Crop Count Pounds Individual Servings
Sweet Corn (ears) 42,340 30,880 102,933
Cabbage (heads) 5,709 22,916 76,387
Broccoli (heads) 830 2,075 6,917
We-Be-Little Pumpkins (each) 240 180 600
Acorn Squash (each) 14,950 29,820 99,400
The USDA and national Feeding America use a standard factor of 1.2 pounds per meal with each meal consisting of 25% vegetables. In 2019, 85,831 pounds of fresh produce grown and distributed ÷ 4.8 ounces per meal equated to 286,237 individual servings of produce. The table displayed below is a summary by year dating back to the first harvest in 2005. To date, with the help of countless volunteers, financial supporters, and with God’s blessing, Colorado Farm to Table has grown and distributed 2,666,259 pounds of produce and vegetables. That translates to  8,887,533 individual servings provided at no cost to those in need!