The Early Days

In 2005 work began to prepare the land for farming. These are photos showing the fields in their original state at the beginning, the process of reclaiming the land from natural vegetation and leveling the contours to ensure even distribution of irrigation water, cleaning and in many cases re-establishing the irrigation ditches, then finally to the actual production of fresh produce for distribution.

Many volunteers gave of their time and talents from the very beginning of this ministry. Tony provided his own farming equipment, and others brought in their own equipment, such as the graders, that were essential to building a strong foundation for cultivation. And so many volunteered their labor in planting, cultivation, then the harvest and distribution. So many have been blessed to receive…and to give.

Irrigation is essential to the farming operation and the delivery system had to be re-worked. What a feeling it was to see the first trickle of water into the fields! Thanks to generous supporters we now have an irrigation system consisting of pipe and engineered head gates that conserve water and provides efficient and measured delivery of water to designated crops.


  • Date: September 2, 2005
  • Contributors: The Early Days circa 2005. We don't know who took the photos but if you recognize them as yours please let us know. We're so thankful!